Frosted Orange Rolls


For the dough:
1 package active dry yeast
¾ cup warm water
1½ cups warm milk
½ cup sugar, divided
1½ teaspoons salt
4½ cups flour, divided
¼ cup shortening, melted
For the orange icing:
4½ tablespoons butter, softened
1½ tablespoons orange zest
3 tablespoons orange juice
2¼ cups powdered sugar

In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water. Add milk, ¼ cup of the sugar and salt. Stir in 3 cups of the flour. Mixture will be runny. Let rise in a warm place for about 1 hour.
Stir in the remaining ¼ cup of sugar and shortening. Add remaining 1½ cups of flour. Dough will still be wet – this is ok, don’t be tempted to add any more flour! Let rise until double, about an hour.
Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, cream butter for icing. Add orange zest, juice and powdered sugar and beat until well incorporated!
After second rise, dump dough on a well-floured surface and divide in half. With a floured rolling pin, roll each half into a large rectangle, about 18 inches long. Spread each rectangle with ⅓ of the icing. Roll up into a log from the long side. Cut each roll into 9 sections (about 2 inches each). Place cut rolls into a greased 9×13-inch pan*. Let rise until doubled.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees!
After the final rise, bake rolls for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Allow to cool slightly before frosting with the remaining icing. If freezing, allow to cool completely before cutting apart and placing in zip-top bags – you can fit about 9 rolls in a gallon-sized zip-top bag.
To reheat, remove individual rolls from the freezer and reheat in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds per roll (length of time in the microwave will vary based on the strength of your microwave and the size of the roll).

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