Cheese, Potato & Smoked Sausage Casserole


°200g onion
°2 garlic
°10g olive oil
°about 10 charlotte-type potatoes
°500g of water
°1 bouquet garni
°3 tbsp heavy cream
°1 tbsp of milk
°5 smoked sausages
°a few strips cheese


Peeled and chopping your onions, peeled your garlic cloves, degerminate them, cutting them, brown them in a olive oil with the onions.
During this time, peel the potatoes, cut them into thin strips, pre-cook them in water with a bouquet garni for about 10 minutes.
When your onions are soft, spread a layer at the bottom of your gratin dish, arrange a row of potatoes, then organize your sausages cutting to slices on top, sprinkle a shavings of Comté cut with peeler.
In bowl, beat fresh cream with the milk, pepper also paprika, pour your preparation on sausages, spreading a row potatoes again.
Then sprinkle with grated Comté.
Bake at 180°C for about 30 minutes.
Enjoy your meal.
Preparation for tm5:
Peeled your onions, cut them in 2, peeled your garlic cloves, degerm them, put everything in thermomix bowl & blending 5 sec/speed 5. Scrape down sides, adding olive oil also heat 5 min/90°C/speed 1.
Meanwhile peel the potatoes, cut them into thin strips, distribute them in your cooking basket, it was full.
When the bell rings, remove the onions and put them in the bottom of your gratin dish, there is no need to rinse the bowl, add the water and the bouquet garni, add the simmering basket and cook for 25min/Varoma/Speed ​​1.
When the bell rings, take half the potatoes, arrange them on the onions, then arrange your sausages cut into slices on top, sprinkle with a few shavings of cut with a peeler.

Enjoy !

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