The GREAT Shower Cleaner Recipe- 2 ingredient to make your shower sparkle! Simple to make & keep in the bathroom.

1/ In a heat-resistant container, put phase A (sodium coco sulphate + baking soda + xanthan gum + black soap + water).
2/ Heat the mixture while mixing until the sodium coco sulphate dissolves.
3/ Leave to cool before adding phase B (essential oil).
4/ Transfer the mixture into a bottle.

Here is a 100% natural cleaning gel that you will not be able to do without to clean, descale, sanitize and shine all the key surfaces of your bathroom: shower, bathtub, sinks, taps, WC. Formulated with Linseed Oil Black Soap, a fabulous ecological cleanser, and Baking Soda, with degreasing and recurring properties, we appreciate its fresh and characteristic smell of ORGANIC Peppermint essential oil, which accentuates the sensation of clean after cleaning. Apply the product using a damp sponge, leave to act for a few minutes then rinse.

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