The Cheese Dip That Will Make You Famous

Looking for a quick cheese dip? Look no further than this delicious baked cheese dip recipe. It's the perfect addition to any party or gathering. With just a few simple ingredients, you can whip up this flavorful chili cheese dip in no time. Not only is it incredibly tasty, but it's also a breeze to make, making it one of our favorite easy recipes. Whether you're planning a game night or a casual get-together, this cheesy dip will be a hit. And the best part? It's not only indulgent but also fits well into a healthy recipe lineup. So, get ready to impress your guests with this fantastic dinner recipe idea!

Prepare your taste buds for a heavenly cheese experience with our ultimate cheese dip recipe. Not only will this delectable dip be the talk of every party, but it’s also perfect for those seeking easy appetizer ideas or game day recipes. With the perfect blend of cream cheese, cheddar or jalapeño jack, and a touch of savory from diced onions, this is the homemade cheese dip that might just make you a legend among your friends and family.


1 pkg cream cheese, 8 oz.
2 c grated cheddar cheese or grated jalapeño jack
1 c mayonnaise
1 small purple onion, diced (you can use chopped green onions as well or omit onions if you don’t like them)


  1. Place all ingredients in a shallow baking dish (a 9″ square pan or round quiche pan will be perfect!).
  2. Microwave on high for about 2 minutes or until the ingredients are melted enough to stir together.
  3. Stir until combined.
  4. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until lightly browned.
  5. Serve with Wheat Thins or Frito’s Scoops for dipping.