KFC Original Recipe

I loved the modified version so much that I never felt a need to visit KFC ever again. There are several modifications available resulting from attempts to make a copy of KFC’s original recipe.

Some Considerations when cooking KFC original recipe:

  • Use whole black cardamom pods instead of commercial cardamom powder.
  • Do not substitute the seasoned dark chili powder with white pepper.
  • Grind all herbs and spices in a clean coffee grinder before using it for marinating.
  • To get the best quality herbs and spices, shop in an ethnic market.
  • To get the authentic taste, do not substitute this method with any other.
  • Do not fry the chicken at a high temperature. To cook anything perfectly from the inside, fry on a low flame.

The combination of herbs, spices, and techniques was a taste picked up from KFC’s original recipe. Be sure to get the freshest, best quality ingredients. Be careful not to overcook it. Serve hot!


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