Milk Brioche

Milk Brioche

Milk Brioche, a delightfully soft and fluffy bread, has …

Italian Chicken Cutlets

Indulge in the crispy perfection of Italian Chicken Cutlets. These tender chicken breasts are coated in a seasoned breadcrumb mixture and pan-fried to golden brown. Serve them with your favorite sauce or atop a bed of pasta for a delightful Italian-inspired meal.


Elevate your side dish game with Easy Corn Casserole. This comforting casserole features corn kernels mixed with a creamy, cheesy, and slightly sweet base, then baked to perfection. It’s a must-have at holiday gatherings and family dinners.

Canned Salmon Patties (Best Ever)

Turn canned salmon into a delightful meal with these Best Ever Salmon Patties. They’re made with pantry staples, including canned salmon, breadcrumbs, and seasonings, and pan-fried to a crispy, golden brown. A simple and satisfying dish for any day of the week.

Easy Mexican Street Corn

Add a zesty twist to your corn with Easy Mexican Street Corn. Grilled corn on the cob is smothered in a creamy mixture of mayonnaise, cheese, and spices, then finished with a squeeze of lime juice and a sprinkle of chili powder. It’s a vibrant and flavorful side dish that’s perfect for summer barbecues.


Indulge in the rich and flaky goodness of Butter Swim Biscuits. These buttery biscuits are baked in a pool of melted butter, resulting in a soft, tender interior and a golden, crispy exterior. They’re the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Maid Rite Sliders

Enjoy the simplicity and taste of Maid Rite Sliders. These savory, loose meat sandwiches are seasoned to perfection and served on soft buns. Whether you’re making a quick lunch or serving them at a gathering, these sliders are always a crowd-pleaser.


Delight in the flavors of the South with Southern-Style Chicken Salad. Tender chicken, crunchy celery, and a creamy dressing come together in this classic dish. Whether served in a sandwich or on a bed of lettuce, it’s a refreshing and satisfying meal.